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Thursday’s are where it’s at with DJ Ace’s new RnB show

January 22, 2018 | D&L

Celebrating everything RnB is Radio 1xtra’s DJ Ace and if you know us then you know we’re so here for this new weekly slot.

Using his daily show on Thursday’s for three complete hours of all things RnB, last week saw the launch of the show from 10am to 1pm, making it a station first.

With the show dedicated to the genre, you just know DJ Ace has some gems up his sleeve for you, as he celebrates tracks new and old, covering everything from the classics to the up and coming sounds.

Expect segments including Slow jam Sandwich, complete with listener shout outs, Ace’s Top 5 of the day, where he focuses on a chosen artist, Record of the Week and finally his Spotlight section, as he celebrates a classic album.

With support from listeners and radio hosts alike, including Trevor Nelson, you can tune in to the special show every week Thursday, as well as Ace’s daily show every week day at the same time. Listen live or choose to play back today.

Image Source: The Record Box