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Trevor Nelson presents his latest compilation release, Slow Jams

January 10, 2018 | D&L

This Friday sees legendary UK broadcaster and DJ, Trevor Nelson, share his latest compilation album.

Catering for all the slow jams fans out there, expect to hear top ten hits from the likes of Bruno Mars, The Weeknd and Usher, to legends such as Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, and the late Amy Winehouse.

Providing the ultimate soundtrack to create the perfect chill vibes, the January 12th release follows previous compilation releases, with two having reached the number one status!

Having interviewed the likes of Jay Z and Mariah Carey in the past and being no stranger to hosting shows on Kiss FM, BBC Radio 1, Radio 2 and 1xtra, Trevor’s knowledge of music is vast, along with his work in the industry. This is no doubt going to be represented through his song choices and the way in which they run into each other. Be prepared to zone out and be hit with throwback vibes of nostalgia.

Listen in on the album this Friday (pre order available here) and check out what jams made the tracklist.

Image Source: DWL