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April 20, 2014 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Welcome to L’ART. We are a UK based publication site of the arts, bringing you topical news, current affairs, features and interviews in areas of music, fashion, performing arts and entertainment news.

DL Publications is a brand name we have created. After studying English, Journalism, Magazine Journalism and Feature Writing collectively at University, as sisters we thrived on the thought of starting our own media company; DL Publications.

L’ART was created after we found that there wasn’t one publication featuring all the subjects we loved to read about; music, fashion, entertainment and the broad world of performing arts. So with hard work and determination we produced L’ART – meaning ‘arts’ in french – to provide our audience with a site based on the arts, as well as an open door for people to tell their story, showcase their talent or share their written work.

L’ART TV was created off the back of the magazine, further giving our featured acts and others the chance to showcase their talent on a more personal level and also giving us the chance to give the audience an update and one on one interview with the month’s artist, as well as highlighting current news and events.