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Voltron Recordz Takeover: Kenyon Dixon

November 20, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Continuing with the Voltron Recordz Takeover, today we are focusing on Kenyon Dixon.

“He’s the guy to watch from 2014 and beyond,” said Tyrese, CEO of Voltron Recordz, so that already gives you an idea of what this guy is set to do in the music world. But don’t just let Tyrese be the judge of that…

Born and raised in the Jordan Down Housing Projects of Watts, California, Kenyon entered the music scene at the age of 24-years-old and on a daily basis he strives to perfect his career as an artist, songwriter and producer.

As a child Kenyon was surrounded by music in his household. His father was a vocalist and guitarist and his mother, brother and sisters were also vocalists. So finding his own voice was a natural process to go through and although he was brought up in the church where he would sing, he was also a great rapper.

Rapping enabled Kenyon to develop his writing skills and he would then use these skills in his singing. With so much focus on his lyrics, this allowed him to work with fellow musicians. He has produced backing vocals for Usher, Kimbra, Faith Evans, Tank, Ginuwine and Kelly Rowland, just to name a few.

With a greater focus on his own career, Kenyon then released his third independent co-produced project, The Higher Ground EP, whilst also contributing to writing songs such as Tyrese’s Open Invitation album and tracks such as ‘Sex Never Felt Better’, ‘FYH’ and ‘Hurry’ from TGT’s Three Kings album.

‘Noted for his impression on LA’s live music scene, soulful sound, prominent pen and youthful swag, Kenyon is quickly attracting a broad range of supporters. Nevertheless, he is also becoming a favourite amongst the ‘New School’ trendsetters of R&B’.

When hearing such praise on his work and the impression it gives, Kenyon said: “It’s all vibe, it’s not really a sound. It’s more of a feeling, feel it!’ Following that, Tyrese said: “He’s a triple threat: singer, songwriter and artist who can truly hold his own and compete with the best of us out here.”

Keep up to date with Kenyon on his site and twitter. Enjoy!

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Image Source: Kenyon Dixon