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What’s Next For Brandy & Monica?

March 6, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Who would have guessed that these two stunning ladies would ever sing together again? Not because of their ‘supposed arguments’ but both singers have been focusing on their careers outside of the music business, including acting jobs, reality TV shows and their motherly duties.

But ‘It All Belongs To Me’ is the all-new duet that singers Brandy and Monica have created together and it’s already become such a hit as both stars are receiving rave reviews from the public.

Of course there will be comparisons to their 1998 hit ‘The Boy Is Mine’ but the pair have strongly advised not to compare the two and we already see the growth in both women and their vocals and look forward to their individial albums due out this year. Monica is set to release New Life in April and Brandy’s Two Eleven will be out later in 2012.

So what does the future hold for Brandy and Monica? Well Brandy has a whole lot of collaborations in the pipeline, which include Timbaland, Chris Brown and Frank Ocean. We’re definitely excited to hear what sound these guys will be creating together.

Monica is continuing to put the finishing touches to her upcoming album and Missy Elliott has been back in the studio working alongside Monica with some of the tracks.

So, what do you think of ‘It All Belongs To Me’?

Image Source: Hip Hop DX