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Will YOU Support Rita Ora’s Fashion Collection?

May 7, 2013 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

Who managed to see Rita Ora in Bicester Village on Thursday? The UK singer was hosting the launch of the British Designers’ Collective 2013 and it was a great chance for designers to show their passion for fashion within the theme of ‘Fashion Vintage’.

Well now it seems that Rita has the fashion bug and has revealed that launching her own fashion line is something she would love to do. So the big question is, would you buy Rita’s collection?

It may not be a project that you’ll see in the near future, but it’s definitely a direction that the British singer-songwriter is interested in moving forward with. “I could see myself designing a range in the future, but it would have to be very thought through,” said Rita.

“It’s another side to your character – you can play different roles with your clothes. As a musician I have a lot of opportunity to try different styles when I perform, and I have always loved vintage clothes.

“For me British fashion is so unpredictable, I love that. I love how music and fashion are so similar. We need each other. At the moment music feeds off fashion and fashion feeds off music and when they get together they fuse perfectly.”

Personally, this project is something we can’t wait to see evolve because Rita doesn’t have a typical and specific type of look. She surprises you with a blend of bright colours, asymmetric cuts, bold choices and out of the box combinations that are inspired by vintage favourites.

In the meantime Rita is fully focused on her music career, but as music and fashion are such a successful blend, you’ll definitely be seeing an Ora range in years to come.

Image Source: That Grape Juice