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Your 2012 World Street Dance Champ Collaborates With Body Politic

October 12, 2012 | Daniella & Letisha Jones-Ellis

The World Street Dance Championships in Germany took place last week and readers of issue 9 will remember the fundraising efforts of KC’s School of Dance to get their dancers to the prestigious event and represent their country doing something that is their passion.

You’ll be happy to know they made it with some impressive top 30 and top 10 results, as well as issue five feature Kyron Anthony becoming 4th in the world.

Representing the UK in several categories was also troupe Unity UK who went on to become your World Hip Hop Champions and Trilogy, 22o Kru and Body Politic crew member Tega Alex, who went on to win the title of Adult Solo Champion of the World.

Those of you who have seen his work with the above troupes, most recently Body Politic at their September launch, will know why his great skills, movement and presence on the stage won him such an amazing achievement.

New dance company Body Politic are in fact giving dancers the chance to work with Tega and founder EmJ Greig in an hour and a half collaboration class on October 20th. Support the family, have fun and enjoy working with your 2012 Street dance solo champ. Sounds like a great Saturday to us!

Visit Body Politic here and check out Tega in action on the streets of Germany with choreographer Dinipiri Etebu below with their routine to G.O.O.D. Music’s ‘Clique’.

Image Source: Body Politic

Video Source: YouTube